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Health hazzards..A beautician’s concern

Posted on Mar 4, 2013 in Alumni Blog

Health hazzards..A beautician’s concern

Posted on Mar 4, 2013 in Alumni Blog | Comments Off

We think of chemicals as an accepted part of the beautician’s job but that doesn’t mean we need to damage health from it…

We all know that there are chemicals and processes we use, in the salon, that can indeed effect health. And not only our clients health but the beautician as well. And when you think about it, it isn’t just a salon, but from Indiana to Florida and coast to coast, any public place has hazzards that need attention in order to lessen public danger.

First, a salon has people coming in and out and all those people bring all those germs… all flus and viruses get transmitted one to another, and bacteria can collect and flourish anywhere. In fact, the one place everyone seems to meet and “shake hands” is in touching a doornob or door handle. Hand after hand and cough after cough, germs collect and get passed around quite easily.

Invest in a sanitizer disinfectant, the kind we now find at the big box stores readily available near the entrance. It is offered to wipe down and disinfect the bar on the shopping carts to make sure we don’t take home something from our shopping spree that we weren’t actually shopping for. Have it readily available at areas around your shop, or if it seems to be visually negative, suggesting that the area is slightly threatening, then at least use it yourself on a regular basis.

Also, wipe down the door handles and chair arms where people tend to put hands all the time. Make sure the restroom handle is wiped as well as disinfected and kept clean inside. Your clients spend an hour at a time in your salon, but you will come into contact with nearly everyone that comes in, so it pays to take care in that area.

And what about chemicals? So many airborne chemicals are unhealthy to breathe, and since they evaporate into the air, they end up being a real health problem. Ventilation is important but often not enough, what with all the dyes, fragrances, hair spray, polish, hardeners, adhesives and what ever else you use in the accomplishment of your task.

Air conditioning will help and it is vital to have constant air circulation, changing out the fumes for fresh air. An air purifier can help too, in fact some are really efficient. Some air filters are double equiped to filter particles out of the air, and can remove chemicals and odors quite nicely. They are referred to as “particle arresting” air filters and are designed specifically for areas such as your salon. It’s worth the trouble to protect the health of everyone in your salon.