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Who is a qualified Cosmetologist?

In the State of Indiana a Cosmetologist must complete a program of 1500 hours,  graduate from an approved school, obtain a license from the State of Indiana.  The Don Roberts Beauty School offers a program of 1500 clock hours.    Endorsement for an Illinois license/employment is immediate without further testing. 

What does a Cosmetologist Do?haircutting1

A successful cosmetologist has the professional skills, academic and technical education to provide cosmetic services to the client, such basic skills as shampooing, scalp massage, hair coloring, hair dressing, facials, makeup, manicure and pedicure. Advanced studies can include, but not be limited to artificial nails, waxing, advanced cut/color and designing and airbrushed makeup.

The Don Roberts Beauty School offers a program that far exceeds this minimal standard, such as, but not limited to artificial nails, waxing, advanced cut and color and airbrushed makeup. 


Where can a Cosmetologist work?

A licensed cosmetologist is in demand!  Indiana offers self employment with the newly licensed Mobile Salon Opportunity!  The Career Path Session at Don Roberts Beauty School will teach  you how to be compliant with the State of Indiana, which can result in immediate employment.

Employment can be found in salons, spas, day spas, hotels, cruise ships, and resorts.  For those that continue to learn, employment can be found in education, demonstration and platform work.


When and how can I find employment ?

There is no charge for employment referrals.  Employment with a license can be yours within 30 days of graduation. In 2014, of all programs offered, the Don Roberts Beauty School placed 100% of its graduates.  The vast majority of our graduates are attending apprenticeship programs or are employed with an entry level job description prior to graduation.  We have also been successful with their employment while still attending school.  The job descriptions for these jobs include shampooing, client consultation, assistant positions and retail/reception duties.


Why Choose the Don Roberts Beauty School?

Don Roberts Beauty School offers a complete 1500 hour program comprised of the academic and technical skills which will provide the graduate with entry level skills for employment. Those students that choose to study advanced lessons have found entry into the job market waiting with an apprenticeship program that will continue their advanced studies.  We are a private school which has demonstrated 54 years of exceptional education,  affords small classes, multiple starts per year and one on one training.

The Don Roberts Beauty School is the ONLY Beauty School in Porter County Indiana.

Alumni and Opportunity Scholarships Available

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Hours of Class


Full Time – Tuesday thru Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (24 Hours a Week) for the first 900 hours, then Tuesday               thru Saturday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (30 Hours a Week) for the remaining 600 hours

Full Time Accelerated  – Tuesday thru Saturday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (30 hours a week) for the full 1500 hours.


We also offer the option of completing off premise hours which can dramatically expedite your graduation date!



The Don Roberts Beauty School offers a 3,000 foot campus that includes a Cosmetology Clinic.  The school provides all equipment and products needed while in class and clinic/lab activities.

Program Requirements

High School Diploma/GED and Interview/Tour/Class Observation and Orientation.

Class Starts

February, April, July, August and November


A diploma is issued at graduation.  Licensing is obtained from the State of Indiana.

Cost of Education

Financial Aid is available for those that qualify.

Scholarships and LEW waivers are offered to those that qualify.

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