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Cosmetology Instructors Training

Cosmetology Instructors Training

makeupartist4The cosmetology instructors program is 1000 clock hours in length. This course meets and exceeds the licensing standard for Licensed State Instructors for  both Indiana and Illinois. A graduate of this course can be licensed and employed as a professional cosmetology Instructor within 30 days of completion.  This would allow the professional to instruct cosmetology classes either in a private or public beauty school.

Qualified, licensed beauty instructors are always in demand.  If you like sharing your work experiences and want to mentor those new to the beauty industry, this is the course for you!

The cosmetology instructors program is a graduate study that requires pre-licensure and six months documented work experience in either cosmetology or esthetics.

The State of Indiana allows a licensed instructor to teach ALL undergraduate programs that she or he is licensed in.  This will make and teaching cosmetology much more marketable in the competitive work force.

Preregistration and orientation is required prior to enrollment. To provide a quality education for all students each class is limited in size.



  • Introduction to Teaching
  • Course Outline and Development
  • Laws and Rules
  • Teaching/Assisting
  • Teaching Practice
  • Lesson Planning
  • Course Outlining
  • Curriculum Overview and Presentation
  • Various Supportive Sciences/Visual Aids

The US Department of Labor finds the outlook for cosmetology employment to be “bright and growing in the future”!


  • A high school diploma and certified school transcript or GED is required for enrollment.
  • Interview, pre-registration and orientation.
  • A $50.00 non refundable registration fee is required to secure your position in class. To provide a quality education for all students each class is limited in size.
  • Undergraduate Indiana license in either cosmetology, aesthetics and/or manicuring.



  • Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00am – 4:00pm
  • 9 Month Completion, 30 Hours a Week

Classes begin throughout the calendar year.

This 9 month completion time does not include closings for school vacations, weather related concerns and pre-planned leave of absences/LOA.



Contracted Charges/Paid by the Student or parent of the dependent student.

Tuition: $10,020.00
Fees: $280.00
Books and Equipment: $200.00
Total Contract Charges: $10,500.00

  • This school does not offer on campus housing.  The school has been successful in the past when helping the students to locate affordable housing.
  • This school does package financial aid applications based on the applicants individual circumstances.
  • Financial aid appointments are available upon request.


Financial Support

This school accepts cash, checks and credit card as methods of payment.  The school offers various methods of payment during the course of the program. Short term payments are interest free. Monthly payments spread over the term of the enrollment contract include interest/1.5% per month. The State of Indiana mandates that the entire educational debt be paid in full prior to graduation.

The US Department of Education and the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency have gone paperless.  As a result of this, financial aid applications and licensing applications/renewals are done on line.  The web site for the agency that will test and license qualified graduates is  This school encourages visitation of this site prior to enrollment as well as while in school. Information on this site will include, but not be limited to licensing criteria, renewal charges and requirements for the opening of a salon/spa.

The US Department of Education considers this course to be qualified for Gainful Emploment/GA.  This recognition and National Accreditation by NACCAS gives this school the opportunity to offer federal financial assistance /Title IV for those that qualify.  There are two web sites that will guide the applicant thru the financial aid process.  It is this schools recommendation that the applications be done as soon as the enrollee determines when they would like to begin their education.

  • The initial application, for grants and/or loans is done on   Our school code number is 014523This application must be completed by anyone wanting to qualify for either the grant and/or loan programs.  Save a copy of your password and PIN number, as it will be needed in the future.
  • The second application is for only loans.  The web site is  Both the entrance interview and the promissory note are completed on line.
  • Print a copy of both applications and the promissory note for future reference.
  • Students may choose to combine monthly payments with various sources of financial support.
  • If you have any questions prior to or during the application process, contact our office for assistance.