At the DR Beauty Schools doing, doing, doing and doing again is the key to the craft. Each program offered involves learning by the art of practice. The DR Beauty Schools consider any experience, positive or negative, to be a learning advantage.

Students practice in the classrooms and again, every day in the Student Salon. Each student is asked to network on social media, market their craft and encourage clients, friends, neighbors and relatives to be a committed part of their educational experience.   Learning people skills, correct social device communication and the art of selling themselves and their skill is part of each program. Practice and communication is the key to professional success. Our Student Salon allows the student to practice their craft until time and outcome is perfected. The Hands-On Education received at the DR Beauty Schools is what feeds the demand for our graduates. Graduates complete with the desire to continue their education and practice their craft throughout their professional career.

DR students know that cosmetology is not just a service industry, but a service industry that requires a desire plus likeness of the client in their chair or treatment space.   Networking is key to professional and financial success. The reward for practice, networking and a true desire to be around people is well work time spent. Our CEO, COO, and President Janet Stemmer understands that quality educators and the experience of doing the hands on of the craft is the key to success. Ms. Stemmer encourages the search and use of mentors in the industry, while in school and after. Our student surveys clearly detail that all students benefit from her Career Path lectures and Off Campus Opportunities.

The Hands-On Education received at the DR Beauty Schools is just the beginning of our graduate’s professional careers.